New Book is Reminder That Life Gets Better

Have you ever felt like life was out of control or playing a big, bad prank on you and none of it was funny? Has that been heightened amid a pandemic? Alabama author Angela Abdur-Rasheed can relate. From gut-wrenching loss, stagnant dreams, financial lack, and life-altering health challenges, she’s been through it all and emerged with the undeniable certainty that life gets better. 

Just in time for quarantine reading and some needed assurance, Life Gets Better is a compilation of transparent vignettes and poignant posts sprinkled with humor, sassy anecdotes, comforting scripture and transparent revelations for the person who simply needs a reminder that hope is always here. Consider Life Gets Better a mashup of an autobiography, shocking tell-all (at least according to Angela’s dad), workbook, devotional, church group guide, comedic prose, book club choice, virtual venting session and “stay out of trouble free” guide.

“I started writing Life Gets Better in 2010 after a devasting divorce, loss of job (and hair), credit crash, near foreclosure and some other not-so-fun whirlwinds which were followed by years of other challenges that all ultimately ushered in some of the most refreshing growth, mature perspectives and hilarious memories I’ve ever experienced,” said Angela Abdur-Rasheed. Angela says she hopes her book is a testament for those in need to hold on regardless of what’s going on in the world or in their world. “I can only hope that something I’ve shared truly reminds people that life gets better because it absolutely does,” she said.

The five-star rated Life Gets Better is available on Amazon at The paperback version retails for $16.99. The Kindle version is $9.99. A special virtual Chat and Chew Celebration with Author Angela Abdur-Rasheed will be held on Saturday, July 18th from 6pm-8pm with guests from around the country being treated to an author reading, Q&A and more.

Angela Abdur-Rasheed is available for live and remote media interviews. She can be reached at


About Author Angela

Angela Scott Abdur-Rasheed has sported many hats in her professional career. She has most recently worked in the fields of Nonprofit Management/Social Justice.  Angela’s a former Birmingham and Montgomery television broadcaster, and a public relations professional who also spent seven years working in full-time ministry.  

Angela is often sought to facilitate trainings on topics like recruitment and civic engagement, social justice, etiquette, and career development. She has served with, trained, or trained under more than 25 organizations like American Express Leadership Academy, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Easter Seals, the Corporation for National and Community Service, Kaiser Family Foundation, Poynter Institute of Journalism, Birmingham Society of Human Resources Management, and more.

The dreamiest of days has Angela enjoying life with her husband Aquil, her bonus children, and their fabulous, funny cast of family and friends. She gets great joy out of relaxing and eating the center of a warm brownie while watching the Oprah Winfrey Network, HGTV, and reruns of A Different World or King of Queens. Her “must meet” celebrity is the legendary Dolly Parton. Angela also likes to nurture her love for the power of spoken and written words through blogposts and articles about food and encouragement which have been featured on local and national platforms for regional and international brands.

Angela takes a cue from Romans 8:28 and lives by the undeniable mantra, “Life Gets Better.” 

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