No Regrets

As we look forward to a new year, many sadly look back in regret. A new year with unfulfilled hopes, delayed promises and feeling like love, joy, blessings and/or peace have abandoned them may have some considering giving up. (Don’t give up.) It’s funny, reflecting on the close of a year can seem to some like a circus-worthy balancing act between expectation, exhaustion and utter embarrassment. It can cause you to wonder if the memo on THIS IS MY YEAR didn’t make it to your mailbox, email address, bank account, student loan account, relationship status box, SMS, DM or BM (if you still rock with Blackberry.) That can be frustrating and discouraging. That’s not how life is meant to be lived, regardless of what the calendar says.


We can’t live in regret and truly live. Yes, we all make mistakes in the form of words we wish we could take back, actions we desire to correct, people we choose to forget (oops, did I say that?), opportunities we missed, opportunities which haven’t yet found us, obstacles we’ve faced and all things else which represent life. But we have to hold on to hope, sticking to it like Gorilla glue and working the plan God has laid out specifically for us until we realize we’ve already won. I know things might have been a bit dark(er) in 2016. That’s no reason to throw in the towel. It’s all the more reason to stick to it and SHINE!!!


“Diamonds are nothing more than chunks of coal that stuck to their jobs.”-Malcolm Stevenson Forbes


We Made It

Wow! 2014 was an amazing year, about as joyous as a toddler on Christmas morning, and about as choked full of stomach turning ups and downs as a that granted by a ginormous roller coaster at Six Flags. Through all that happened to those I know and me, and all I heard of happening around the world, if you’re reading this post that means We Made It!
Forced career transitions (known as loss of jobs), emotional, mental, spiritual and health challenges (known as real-live miracles in the making), fiscal development mechanisms (known as money woes), and strengthening of social strategies (known as human being issues) may have accompanied 2014, and some may have snuck into 2015, but we still made it and that, my loves, is worth celebrating all year.

December 31, 2014, on the last day of the year I took my first vacation of the year with friends to New Orleans, Louisiana. Day one was fabulous! Day two did not disappoint (except for my team losing). I am SO grateful for God honoring my heart’s desire to simply refresh and have a bit (actually more than a bit) of joy and laughter more than 200 miles from home. I’d lamented all year about wanting, no, needing a vacation. And I got one. Not only did I get one but it was on a budget, part of a gift, with amazing friends, full of good food, with a refund from the hotel and to celebrate my team (Roll Tide Roll!!!! We’re still THAT team!) While my humble vacation may not seem much to many, to me it’s a sign that the Lord is right on time. I’d petitioned God so many times in 2014 for a vacation because I knew I needed it for the road ahead and to be rested for the rewards on the way. He heard and answered.
As we start 2015 with a bang let us all always know that God’s love, joy, peace and promises never, ever fail….even if they come at what seems to be the last minute (the last day of the year) then simultaneously starts the year off right spilling over into a new era (the first day of the year).
See a sneak peek of pictures from my promise fulfilled😄 And the best for me…and for you is yet to come!!! Happy New Year to each of you.