It’s My Facebookaversary

On June 19, 2010 my life forever changed. I know that sounds dramatic…but…that’s the day I finally joined Facebook! I’ll admit, I was NOT on the FB bandwagon when it was first introduced to people of a particular age (as in my friends). I’d seen and heard about the infamous “inboxing”. I’d seen it capture and corrupt the attention of someone I knew well, and not in a positive way. I’d heard about the “mess” that ensued as people expressed their thoughts, two cents, opinions and unsolicited advice. I just didn’t want any part of it.


However, since posting my first inspirational quote and the first pictures of a photo shoot of my sister as she was about to POP just before giving birth to my new niece, to sliding in a few “my husband left me a few months ago and I’m going to smile and show off my long hair as best I can” photos, Facebook has become my way to connect/reconnect with SO many. What a wonderful seven years it has been catching up with, and getting to know you all on Facebook, then slowly inching my way to the likes of Instagram, Twitter, WordPress, Pinterest and Linkedin.

(See my first two profile pics…Whew! That girl was doing everything in her God-given power just to smile. I’m proud of her!)

Social media is a powerful tool, people. I’ve seen it be a blessing to me and so many. I’ve sadly seen from a firsthand perspective how it has been used to divide and misguide stirring up the most seemingly uncontrolled spirits of division, comparison, jealousy, low self-esteem and plain ol’ meanness that I’ve seen in all my life.

For me, I’d like to think Facebook and its friends to be the place where I can laugh, cry, learn and “like” all in one post. It’s where my words and videos live whether they come at 3am in the morning or in the middle of a meeting where I should be paying attention and can’t, and where my blogging bug took over. It’s where the most beautiful babies, weddings, proms or parties light up a feed. I’ll admit, it’s also where my investigative eyes roamed, or my “I’ll show you what you’re missing” pictures/posts prevailed. It’s where I learn of my favorite concerts coming, shows to watch, and new words to say (or not say…like On Fleek…LOL!) It’s where my eyes are opened to the social, civic and political climates of this wild and wacky world in which we live. It’s where my mind is challenged by people who I didn’t even know could think so very deeply. It’s where I rep my school…Roll Tide!


It’s where I’ve been consoled and console as life’s tragedies, divorces, death, physical challenges and trials are not just shared, but covered in serious prayer. It’s where my memories in pictures live, not just for today, but for the tomorrows when those pictures may be all someone has. It’s where my spirit is fed as I have soooooooooo many Jesus loving and inspirational, regardless of their faith, friends. It’s where my relationships are restored (Hey, today is the day I reconnected via a FB request with an old boyfriend from the 90s turned good friend named Aquil…and look at us now! Happy “we met again on Facebook” Anniversary, husband!). It’s where a middle of the day meme can send me into the most uncontrollable laugh just when I need it most. It’s where my fashionistas serve up couture and discount offerings like a Waffle House waitress working for her biggest tip. It’s where at-home-cooks and diners-out post food pics or restaurant recommendations that make me salivate like a toddler in a dentist’s chair. It’s where people share their lives as much as, as best as and as often as they can for those in which they care to connect.

Despite any of the negative which transpires on my timeline from time-to-time I’m grateful for the family and friends who bless me each time I scroll my timeline. You are my inspirations! Keep up the great posts!



I Missed My Anniversary


I missed my two year blogging anniversary. January 2, 2015 marked two years since I took to the web to share my world. I’m a HUGE advocate for celebrating milestone no matter how big or bigger, so even though I’m three days delayed I shall let the celebration commence. In the words of some obviously wise woman or man, “better late than never”.


Last year, like a doting new mother honoring my baby blog I was right on time wishing a Happy Birthday. This year on January 2, I was, well, celebrating life (and my favorite football team even as they lost a key game). Anywho, I re-read my blog from last year, stole a couple of my own sentiments and added some more as I look forward to another year of writing, sharing, growing, encouraging and being inspired.


This year has presented many ups and downs in life. A lot of them have taken on wings through my writings. I’m proud to say that I officially named my blog “Life Gets Better” this year. I even took the time to do a major makeover of the site to help with ease of reading. I’ve grown a lot and had a lot to share about the life I’m blessed to live. An interviewer once asked me if blogging was therapeutic. For me, not so much. I try to use my words after the healing/therapy has taken place to help someone along the way after I’ve already made it, and to be sure I’m not “in my feelings” as the American teens often say. Now, don’t get me wrong, sometimes I don’t do that, but that has been one of my goals. I will say that this year also, some of my writings have been published in places like and through the amazing site For Harriet. What an absolute honor straight from Heaven! On the flip side, I’ve heard of and dealt with a select few sharing the thought that posts were directed toward them, too much was shared (about my own life, albeit), or clearly didn’t understand the point of a post and perceived it for negative rather than not. I’m learning that that’s life and I must keep writing during the good and not so peachy times.


So what’s next for my Blog baby/toddler? Glad you asked.

  • I want to continue to use “Life Gets Better” and to become even more fearless and transparent so that whatever I share is as emotionally honest as possible (with my good, my bad and the “I can’t believe I actually felt that way”), but from the perspective of better always being the answer.
  • I still want to be more reflective, growing to the point of not allowing an experience to pass without seeing the value in it for my benefit or for that of others.
  • I still want to work to be more observant about the world around me, including reading other blog posts and works of writers to continue to learn, learn, learn about the wonderful world of words.
  • I want to revisit past blog posts more to see where I was, what I’ve learned, how I’ve grown and how I can update and rework old posts with fresh, new perspective.
  • I want to hone my humor. Life is funny y’all, even with things that make us feel otherwise. I want to be able to always rely on humor to help us all heal.
  • I want to share in other grand scale media outlets not being afraid of mean computer complainers on the other end of the web sending hurtful comments and critiques. I want to write boldly for whomever is meant to read what I have to share.
  • Lastly, I want to continue to make sure that I’m grateful and God-centered. I’ve tried very hard to strategically include a Christ-like perspective in my writings. (Sometimes that has been hard as my flesh, attitude, hurt feelings, or whatever you may call it has tried to have its way) This year, and in years to come, I want to be able to always see the good, and God in all that I go through and share with others so that His light and name can be what shines through and has the final say-so.

Just as last year, this year I have not a clue of what’s next, or what unconventional themes or titles, memories, muses or posts will pop in my head. What I do know is that I plan to blog about it like nobody’s business…but my own.