Thank you, Texas

Recently I had a chance to travel to Fort Worth, Texas for a conference with my job. I’ll be honest and say that I didn’t want to go because this is such a busy time of the year for me. Boy, am I glad I did!

The Southwest National Service Conference turned out to be the best work-related conference I’ve ever attended. And I’ve attended a conference or two or ten. I learned so much, met so many and left so invigorated to continue the charge of service. The food on the other hand…woah, Nelly! As if a conference so impactful could be rivaled…Texas knows how to do a woman right. It was just dandy, y’all!

I won’t type too much today as I’m busy doing nothing (and enjoying it), but I will let the pictures of my Southwestern themed lunch of roasted corn and peppers, mexican rice, fresh mixed greens salad with a balsamic vinaigrette, chicken fajitas, refried beans and key lime cheesecake from the Sheraton Fort Worth, and my Sweet Pea Guacamole and chips, Steak and Stout Pot Pie chocked full of tender beef, mushrooms, peas and carrots in a crust so buttery and tender the Pillsbury Dough Boy would have been jealous, Pig and Fig Pork Belly with Texas Field Pea Mash, Blue Cheese and a Fig barbecue sauce, and (Nueske Bacon) Bacon Lollipops with a Maple Hollandaise and Funnel Cake from Bird Café speak words that my still salivating mouth would not do verbal justice. Set along the aesthetic backdrop of a historic Downtown Forth Worth landmark, the Bird Cafe’s expansive and not expensive menu coupled with delightful service only paled in comparison to the quaint, and quirky history-rich building in which it was housed. Even the distilled water had a flavor of, shall we say, down home goodness to it. I think I drank about seven glasses of it. To eat such a satisfying meal in such an amazing atmosphere was the perfect way to end my trip. The entire experience was one in which I desire to repeat over and over and over again. It was that good!

photo 5photo 2

photo 4 photo 3photo 1

Thank you, Texas!


I Managed to Do Nothing (and Survived)

It’s official, two weeks/weekends in a row I managed to do nothing (and survived). Shocking, I know! Taking orders from a little wobble in some sunglasses that left me with a sprained foot and three torn ligaments I missed my godson’s special birthday celebration, passed on dinner gatherings, skipped my favorite school’s A-Day (Roll Tide Roll!), cancelled two upcoming conferences one of which was all the way in Connecticut, went two weeks without grocery shopping, am still hanging on to my Easter nail polish and the list goes on. I accomplished this champion feat because of my foot and much to my chagrin, because being still is often something with which I struggle.


Some people have a problem getting going. I have a problem not going. Don’t believe me? Just read my blog post You Do a Lot on why I am how I am. So when blindsided by this latest little speed bump I decided to be proactive about being inactive. In that time of stillness I slept and rested (there is a difference). I caught up on reality television (seven episodes of Carnival Eats in one day alone). I chatted with family and friends. I shopped online. I updated blogs. I wrote and organized. I planned for some upcoming plans. I realized I need to give away some shoes. I started a 30-day Bible devotional and I slowed down enough to actually enjoy my house on some beautiful, rainy days.


The older I get the more amazed I am at the big messages which often come from the little lessons in life. This is not my first ride in the “slow down” rodeo. I’m well-aware that rest must have been needed. I’m even more aware that I would not have voluntarily slowed my roll. I’m even, even more aware that GREAT things usually come after these little uninvited times of respite. So I’ll rest…and get ready.