K&J’s Offers Pastry Perfection

I was first introduced to K&J’s Elegant Pastries when they opened less than two minutes from my parent’s home in Alabaster. Running in quickly to see what all of the fuss was about I was pleasantly surprised by the moist, sweet, but not too sweet taste of the sweet potato cupcake my then four-year-old niece and I tried. I would soon find out that this was a customer favorite.

Fast-forward two years later, while searching for a secret cake for my secret wedding I was planning, my mother, still living less than two minutes from the quaint, little storefront shop, stopped by and had a conversation about cakes which would lead to a love affair with their pastry perfection. Not only was their price much lower than any I’d found on my own while searching the web, but I would come to find out on December 30, 2016 that their taste and presentation for my beloved caramel (top tier), lemon (middle tier) and chocolate layered (bottom tier) wedding cake was second to none. Don’t believe me? Take a look.

Caramel popcorn top tier, Lemon middle tier, Chocolate bottom tier

I came to find out that my wedding cake was one of the last orders taken for a while as they prepared to move from the first location into what I was told would be a beautiful new place more centrally located in the “mainstreet” section of Alabaster, and as the cupcake fairies would have it, closer to my house.


K&J front
K&J’s Elegant Pastries new location



For WEEKS my family and I road by the location which was to be their new location waiting on their opening. When the doors finally opened on February 18th we all had a planned family engagement and missed it. No worries. This foodie is for real. We’ve made up for it, and then some since then, visiting at least once weekly or close to it for one dessert of another (Hey, judge ye not…LOL!)

Me at K&J
Just posing and pretending not to want an even bigger slice of cake



Chocolate and Strawberry Lemonade Cupcakes


Every. Single. Thing. we’ve eaten from the beautifully decorated pink pastry boutique has been stellar. The family-friendly atmosphere and welcoming staff only make the cakes, cupcakes, milkshakes, cinnamon rolls and other sweet treats that much more enjoyable.

K&J cake
Pound Cake



The new K&J’s Elegant Pastries is located at 236 1st Street South in Alabaster, and can easily be seen just off of its Highway 31 location, or often from the line of cars outside of the door. The space is truly elegant and upscale, while remaining warm and welcoming. It’s the ideal spot to satisfy a sweet tooth or perfect place to host a cupcake party…(hint, hint, husband!)



I Break For Breakfast at Urban Standard

Have you ever been to Birmingham’s Urban Standard for breakfast? If not, you should go. Why? Because it’s good!

Urban Standard is southern charm at its best with a backdrop ideal for business deals, book reading, people watching, girlfriend get-togethers or the occasional jaunt across the street to pick up a quick bite of breakfast as I’ve done a time or two. It’s located in a quaint space with beautifully welcoming décor and is convenient to downtown’s city center just off of 2nd Avenue North by the main post office. The food is fantastic! Lunch is delish, especially the Grilled Chicken Panino with extra balsamic jam, but breakfast is the real deal if you’re in the mood for fresh, cooked-to-order, often local and always yummy fare.

One morning, after rushing out of the house forgetting breakfast I decided to order my standard McEwen and Sons creamy “wipe the cheese off of your chin” organic, stoneground  grits saturated with cheese and perfectly partnered with grilled Conecuh sausage on the side. My usual (Ah-Mazing) Oatmeal Buttermilk Muffin wasn’t speaking to me like it usually does so I threw caution and calories to the wind and ordered a Chilton County Peach  cupcake. My. World. Was. Changed.

Urban Standard is a go-to as far as I’m concerned. So why don’t you go.