I Hope My Ex Wins the Lottery…or something like it

Lottery BallsI hope my ex wins the lottery. I do. I really do. Call me crazy or call me comical, but I’m so very serious.  Let me clear this quickly before I proceed. I have many exes. (Hey now, don’t judge.)  So I’m not singling anyone out. This is for every, single one of them.

I have an ex-husband, whom I am still connected to through final divorce decrees, and the spiritual children we share. While we haven’t spoken in years, I’m not sure of his stance on playing the Powerball, but I do still want him blessed because at one time we were connected and are still connected due to the aforementioned important matters and people. I also have ex-boyfriends and ex-“We don’t know what we called ourselves” whom, some of them, I gratefully call friend. (Hey, y’all, as you read this blog). Honey, I KNOW their stance on the Powerball, Mega Millions, Porch Band of Creek Indians Casinos, Sweepstakes, Publisher’s Clearing House, Social and Savings Club Raffle Tickets, Scratch offs, Chuck E. Cheese “put all of your money in the machine and try to win a prize” games, and anything else remotely similar.


At the time of this updated post there is a $94 million jackpot lottery on the line in the United States of America. One or some of my exes playing and cashing in on that big bucks bonanza would be wonderful, but I so get that that is likely not the way they will be blessed. What I do know is that I want them all to be blessed and in a BIG, lottery-like way. Why? Because I had a role in their past and they had a role in mine. Inadvertently, we all have a role in each others present and future, as a result of lessons learned, experiences shared and growth gained from that past. You see, #Grownwomanhood has taught me that every person plays a part. Just because their role ends doesn’t mean our perception of the true purpose of that role and desires for them have to be negative, distorted, bitter or damaging. I want them all to win in whatever way God orchestrates for them…and hopefully they’ll fondly remember the time I was a “Ra Ra Shish Boom Ba” cheerleader in their game of life.


(BTW, if any of you lovely exes-turned pals are planning on making a trip to “ticketland” holla at me…LOL!)