Do Your Own “Thang”

So much is going on in the world. It seems that even more is going on on social media where opinions about what people are doing, are saying, are not doing or are not saying regarding what’s going on in the world flood timelines and pages at rapid rates.

Here’s my take. Do your own thang! (Yes, I said “thang”.). When it comes to the affairs of the world we are all sent here to do something. Not the same thing, but something. That’s what makes us human, unique and necessary for the greater good. I’m not politically radical, so rarely will you see that from me, but I do have some friends who absolutely are. That’s their “thang”. I am an encourager and am well aware of my role in life. That’s my “thang”. You may be an organizer, a planner, a prayer, a protester, financial contributor, a fire-starter (the one who brings the wrong to light), or a fire-douser (the one who puts out the flames of distress). We all have a “thang” and it’s our job to do it and not be distracted or discouraged by those who don’t do what we do, or do it how we do it.


The murder of Michael Brown has most recently brought this thought to mind again. Do your own “thang”. Sadly, in this scenario, it feels to me as if the in-fighting seems to be getting as much of our attention as the injustice. If I were a conspiracy theorist I would say it’s a conspiracy, but I’m not. So I won’t. Will everyone march? No. But some will because that’s their “thang”. Will everyone be as outraged at and focused on white-on-black crime? No. But some will because that’s their “thang”. Will everyone see the equal harm of black-on-black crime? No. But some will because that’s their “thang”. Will everyone stay abreast of this latest travesty and so many others before and after it, keeping us up-to-date, up-to-the minute on what’s going on or wrong? No. But some will because that’s their “thang”. Will everyone offer an encouraging word or source of healthy distraction so that we aren’t consumed with those things concerning us? No. But some will because that’s their “thang”. As long as we all care enough to care in our own assigned ways we shouldn’t be consumed with how everyone else is contributing. 

To remix a word from the Isley Brothers…It’s your “thang”. Do what you wanna do. Just be sure to do your own “thang”. The world is watching and waiting for our important pieces to the puzzle.


I Need a Man


I need a man!!! Now wait a minute. Before you think I’m talking about what you think I’m talking about hear what I’m really talking about:)

One morning, while getting ready for work at 4:30am I watched local news. Being a former newsie I understand clearly that the “if it bleeds it leads” culture still exists in media, meaning that bad news often beats good news for the top slots. Knowing how media works still doesn’t make it easy to wake up to the site of the mug shots of SO many men who have murdered, robbed, burned (down houses), smoked, shot, sold or stolen. It certainly doesn’t make it easier to see the faces and hear the stories of young men like Michael Brown who have been murdered, or legends like Robin Williams who have taken their own lives.

So I declare, “I Need a Man”!  I need a man to understand some things from the perspective of a woman who absolutely adores the creation God made. I need a man… any man, boys-to-men, old men, young men, middle-age men, and every man to know:

  • You are loved, valuable, needed, and necessary.
  • Not all women think you’re dogs.
  • There are people who really do believe in you.
  • Your family needs you for more than your paycheck. Your time, influence, wisdom, discipline, authority, presence, participation, assuring hugs, hearty laugh and deep voice mean so much to so many.
  • Crime “ain’t” cute and like an expensive hotel, the longer you stay in it the more you have to pay to get out.
  • There is so much more to you for the world than your career, cars, wallets, watches, sneakers, athletic abilities, love life or libido.
  • Your words matter and we really do want to hear what you have to say (especially when you think no one cares or understand.)
  • There are some other GOOD men who are good for you to be around.
  • A friend, homeboy, partner, ace, bro, buddy and so on are not your friend, homeboy, partner, ace, bro, buddy and so on if they support foolishness and encourage tomfoolery.
  • You have the right to start over again from any place of pain.
  • You deserve the beauty of joy and to sleep peacefully at night.
  • It’s okay to be hurt and to get help to deal with that hurt properly.
  • A strong man isn’t afraid to be honest, transparent, vulnerable and taught.
  • The world might have given up on you but there are so many who have not.
  • There is no embarrassment attached to improvement.
  • You are a leader, born of leaders, meant to breed other leaders.
  • It’s okay to forgive yourself.
  • Education is attractive, and while college may not be for everyone learning can be.
  • A man who smiles and a man who is sensitive is sexy.
  • You can be whomever God created you to be even if you didn’t have all the people or things you thought you needed in order to be it.
  • You are loved, valuable, needed, and necessary. (I said it twice so it can soak in.)