I Spilled My Tea

Yesterday I had the privilege of speaking to a group of students from Birmingham’s Woodlawn High School through a mentoring program/small group I host called Steps to Success. The two speakers I’d arranged to come and talk about Money Matters couldn’t make it for very important reasons which left me faced with figuring out in the 11th hour what I was going to talk to them about during the one hour after school I had their full attention. I sat down in front of them and explained the absence of our speakers and asked what they wanted to hear about. One of my more quiet young men hollered out, “You, we want to know more about you.” So that set the stage for me spilling my tea about me…the Ramsay High School Version, that is.


For a little over an hour, over the backdrop of pouring rain, whispers, giggles, and teens smacking on Little Ceasar’s pizza I told them about skipping school (and the subsequent interaction with a belt that followed), arguing with my parents about not letting me stay in a hotel for prom (and the subsequent interaction with a belt that followed), the battle with the curfew (and the subsequent interaction with a belt that followed), my high school boyfriend’s horrific murder, relying on the support of family, friends, medical professionals and the Lord to help me heal and deal, the importance of being involved in extra-curricular activities to meet new and exiting people and experiences, and so on and so on.


The things I shared with them were for them, but as I rehearsed my own words, I realize that even now, at my age, or any age they still apply to me, and so many. Here’s what I shared with them:

• If you love someone tell them.

• Use your words carefully for fear they will come to pass.

• Use your words boldly with confidence they will come to pass.

• The heart can heal.

• Choose your friends very, very wisely, recognizing that some may have to one day get off the bus (or be kicked off) because they’re no longer headed in your direction.

• One day you will be someone’s husband, wife, mother, father, leader, Pastor, CEO, teacher, etc. and who you are today can greatly affect that role one way or the other.

• Different is a great way to be.

• It’s okay to start over, and over, and over. Just don’t settle in your mistakes.

• Stay connected to teachers, mentors, and associates who are where you want to be, or can help you get there.

• Don’t rush to get old. Stay and enjoy the beauty of right where you are as long as you can.

• Somebody loves you, believes in you and will do their part for you to become who you are created to be…if you let them.

• Our elders got to be old for a reason. Usually they know of what they speak.

• And lastly…never, ever skip school following the Annual College Fair at the Civic Center to go to Ensley Park with friends and a boy with a name you now can not even remember. In the end, after that interaction with a belt you won’t remember his name, only the embarrassment from having to wear a black and white striped, mini-skirt ensemble from Parisian in Eastdale Mall in Montgomery the next day which gave gentle, glimpses of the interaction with the belt. Years after this bit of teenage tomfoolery, you’ll only be privy to enough of the pain from that interaction and sketchy details from the eating pizza in the park story to tell and gain many a gasp and lots of “Oh my gooooddddnneessss, Ms. Moore, I know you didn’t do something like that”, from a group of amazing kids. (And to the non-believers in the power of discipline. No, my parents did not in any way abuse me. They loved me enough to do their part to save me from a path of “Self-Destruction” as the old hip-hop hit went.)



Happy Birthday to Me and God Bless My Parents


March 16 is my birthday!!! YAY! Four years after originally posting this post I still thank God for allowing me to see another year. He’s done so much for and within me over the last now 45 years and for that I’m eternally grateful.

As excited as I am today about “my day” tomorrow I understand with full clarity that who I am is because of Who I serve and Who He allowed to parent me. My parents, Sylvester and Angenetta Scott ROCK!!!!


Each year I get them a present for my birthday to thank them for doing whatever they had to do to connect, love each other, have me, love me, rear me, provide for me, whip me, guide me and most importantly stay together. This year my sweet husband purchased them a picture from the both of us of them at our wedding which now hangs on their wall. (Awwwww…aren’t they adorable?!?!) So, thankfully, I found this post as again and enhanced it as an offering of the gift of my words.

I want to publicly say THANK YOU to them for being the perfect parents to me (especially when I acted far, far, far less than perfect). A lot of people know me now and see the works of many to get me half-way together, but let me tell you, your girl Angela has come a long way, especially from teenagedom. I have to say THANK YOU to my father for working since the age of seven until retirement almost six decades later and not having his father in his life, but being stubbornly determined to be all that he didn’t have for his children and other people’s children. He is the most loving, sensitive and tenacious provider, protector, comedian, detailed question asker, streetwise/bookwise combo, financial expert and human encourager I know. Now, as he’s overcoming health challenges which caught us all by surprise in 2016, his strength, determination and care for his family shines even more brightly as a source of inspiration for me. I have to say THANK YOU to my mother for being the most selfless, caring, loving human I know, pressing through her own personal pains to provide joy to so many. She’s the best best friend, listener, problem solver, caregiver, chef, surprise planner, Santa Claus, prayer partner, sounding board, voice of reason, Godly example of wife/mother/grandmother, personal chef, good friend to her friends, project workerbee, organizer, birthday/holiday card sender, confidant, and intercessor I know. I simply adore, admire and respect them more than these 600 words could say.

recite-1hgum9k (2)

At the time I first wrote this post four years ago I said…”Neither of them bother with “that Facebook”, and my mom rarely has time to read my blogs because they’re busy taking care of my beautiful nieces and enjoying dates after all these years, but somehow, someway I know these words will reach them and I hope they linger in their hearts forever.”

Now, my mom is on “that Facebook”, but barely as she balances life “the remix” since my dad’s illness. Those beautiful nieces are in school, and the dates they enjoy, mostly at Cracker Barrel or McDonalds as my dad continues to show last year’s sickness who’s the Boss, are truly a testament of their love for each other, which is a testament of their love for me and those who love them. So again, just in case they don’t see this for themselves, I know somehow, someway these words (and I pray my actions) will reach them and linger in their hearts forever.

-The proud daughter of Sylvester and Angenetta Scott