My Cousin Cooked a Cake

A simple Saturday in Montgomery preparing for the memorial service of a family member turned into a delightfully sweet treat thanks to my cousin, Nishia. This true “hostess with the mostest” took a page out of the Book of Zelda (her Mama) who is known for hosting family and friends with the most gracious (and selfless) generosity. Like her mother, my grandmother Jean (RIP) and her sissy, Nette (my Mama), my Aunt Zelda’s ritual of making family feel right at home dates back, at least for me, to the times where I would spend weeks at her house as a child growing up, even bringing friends by from high school or college by, sipping on cold Co-Colas, staying out late, eating fancy-smancy seafood from my Uncle Ricky, primping and shaking in barely there clothing and Payless shoes in front of their large, glass mirrored wall before heading to  Club Top Flight (bless my heart), and enjoying the joy of family.


In the true sense of Zeldahood, my baby cousin (LOL! She’s three months younger) opened her doors to my sister, nieces, her sister and me recently. At a nearby establishment known for a $27 buffet and lots of machines which light up and spit out, prompting an impromptu car dance reminiscent of the aforementioned glass mirror dance, we had a BLAST the Friday before the Saturday Nishia decided to get up, cook a buffet breakfast of muffins, bacon, and delish leftover pizza. Then, like a quickening flash of “where’d she get that from” energy, she decided to brave the cold weather and go to the store not once, but twice to bake a cake and grill her famous “Boo Burgers”.

I wish I could give you the recipe to the cake. It was truly something to behold. Too bad though, the recipe is safely kept between Nishia and my three-year-old niece Kenna who studied like a baby hawk as her apprentice in the kitchen while the cake was being made. I do know, thanks to Kenna spilling the tea, that the cake has sugar in it. Go figure! There was something more important than the recipe, it’s sheer aesthetic beauty, the utter delight of the moist nuggets of buttery goodness nestling in on the awaiting tongue, the intoxicating taste of lemon in every bite or how absolutely delicious it was as my friend and I nibbled on a slice in church the next day (We can do that at my church…and we watched a movie in church too. Go Highlands!)


More important than all of that was the love with which it was made and received, and the gift of hospitality being continually transferred from generation to generation. I can hardly wait to see how the example set forth by Nishia blossoms into her daughter, who by the way, is the best babysitter ever! I can’t wait to see how my nieces Kenna and Kassi take what they’ve been given and give it back in ways we can only imagine. And to think, all it takes is a cake or whatever we have to offer.




Food Memories: Make It Last Forever

Several years ago I fell while walking into a local pharmacy which caused me to be badly hurt, and for quite some time. During my couple/few years of downtime and in between frequent doctor’s and physical therapy visits I decided to gather recipes from my immediate and extended family and compile it in a cookbook. The ending result was a clip art covered, yellow, spiral-bound, 8 ½ x 11 portfolio of recipes, moving and funny anecdotes and family memories to last a lifetime.

IMG_5405 (2)

I took at peek at that cookbook recently and realized that, while those memories are sure to last a lifetime the people and circumstances in it don’t always. Flipping through the flour-graced pages of one of them, I saw names of far too many loved ones who are no longer here, who, in 2006 were alive and vibrant enough to share some of their food favorites. I saw distinct changes in relationship statuses and submissions sent by persons who are in totally different phases of life since sent.

Looking through that recipe book, and being reminded of my love for food, especially when rooted in my love for family made me extremely grateful for the beauty of memories. If you’ve not asked your loved ones for their famous recipes, or taken the time to capture your family’s history of food in some written form I would definitely encourage you to do so. It’d be a shame for Big Mama or Uncle So and So to take their 30-year-old secret barbecue sauce or 7-Up pound cake recipe right on up to Heaven with them. Plus, spending time sharing the legacy of those special dishes you’ve come to know and love is a special way to spread more love, and make it last forever, in the words of the superstar crooner Keith Sweat. And while you’re at it, look at this recipe featured on one of the pages of my family’s cookbook.

Recipe For a Family Pie

1 handful of FORGIVENESS
1 heaping cupful of LOVE
2 tablespoons of GOOD NATURE
Mix together smoothly with complete FAITH in GOD.
Then sprinkle generously with THOUGHTFULNESS.
This makes a wonderful Family Pie.


I’m Feeling SOUPer!

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Have you ever asked someone to make something for you and they did and you loved it and it was so good you had to blog about it? Welp, I did. And boy is it blog-worthy.

Battling a pesky little sinus infection recently, which came along with a bit of allergies and a bout of asthma I asked a loved one to make me some soup. I didn’t ask for the chicken and vegetable soup for any medicinal properties, although I’m convinced it carries those qualities. I asked simply because I believe there’s nothing like soup from the kitchen of someone who cares to make one feel better even if one doesn’t yet feel better. Just a day after my request I was delighted to hear the ding of a text message to my cellular phone with the words, “Come over. I made soup.”

Boy, oh boy. I could have cut a mean jig had I not been afraid of being dizzy from the said sinus infection. Instead, I mustered up the energy on reserve I was clinging to and headed to Soup Central.

photo 1

The waft of the broiled, whole chicken, now simmering in a big, ol’, Cuisinart pot with fresh okra, Idaho potatoes, sliced carrots, translucent pearl onions, tomatoes, peas and other healthy treats permeated through my clogged-up nose like an extra-strength bottle of Liquid Plumber.

photo 2

As if the thought of the warm soup moon walking its way down my agitated throat wasn’t comforting enough, the pièce de résistance was those famous words I’d longed to hear, “I made grilled cheese too.” Say what now?!?!? You mean to say I get soup and four-cheese blend, ooey, gooey buttered grilled cheese on a semi-chilly September day?

photo 3

Needless to say, I indulged, and by indulged I mean I enjoyed two hearty bowls full of the broth-rich, steaming hot cornucopia of a meat and veggie elixir. I also took some home to freeze for later. Score! And of course, I felt better the next day. In fact, since then I’ve been feeling SOUPer! Some may say it’s because of the antibiotics and steroids my trusty doctor ordered. Perhaps that’s true. I’d like to say that soup and a sandwich had a big hand in helping me feel better.

@AngelaMMoore316 The Foods of Fall

I like food. That’s no secret, hence the Angela Eats the Ham food blog. I especially like food in fall. Now that Labor Day has come and gone here in the States, the white attire is retired and the boot shopping is beginning, the season for tailgating, family functions, holiday celebrations, Classic celebrations and the likes has also commenced.


A southern girl, born and bread, this time of the year is highlighted by foods which represent love, comfort, rich flavors and even more fulfilling memories. It’s also highlighted by extra trips to the gym and frequent wearing of spanks and tights (Hey, I’m just being real…LOL!) Take a peek below at some of my favorites so far as the foods of fall make their grand debut. The variety is wide, the stories behind them even more so, but one thing in common they are Good, Good, Good!

photo 1a
Baked spaghetti with ground beef, assorted cheeses and a special southern sausage. (My Mama would have a hissy if I told her secret ingredient.)
photo 2
My Sissy Kristy’s famous warm spinach and artichoke dip makes any game day a special one. Serve with Tortilla chips or crackers.
photo 2a
Southern salad fixings, perfect for your favorite mixed greens or 50/50 mix.
photo 2b (1)
Old Bay steamed shrimp from Publix take tailgating (or couch sitting) to the next level. Serve chilled or warm. Wanna get fancy? Have them steam up a few lobster tails:)
photo 2b (2)
My bonus sister Theresa’s Ranch chicken dip. Need I say more? Well, I will. Try with some garden herb crackers and get ready to break all kinds of dining rules of etiquette. It’s just that good!
photo 3
My Bestie Edith’s Buffalo Chicken Dip. It’s hot, hot, hot in all the best possible ways! (Hint, make extra if you’re a hungry bunch because this will go fast!)
photo 3a (1)
Stuffed Eggs with a special sprinkle of paprika on top carries the summer straight into the fall.
photo 3a (2)
Shark’s Fried Chicken done two ways, lemon pepper and simply southern:) We love fried chicken!
photo 4
More fried chicken, this time with a buffalo sauce which makes you scream Roll Tide, and scream for water at the same time.
photo 5
More chicken, this time unbattered with a spicy kick from Publix. I told you we love fried chicken!
photo 5a
Peach Cobbler from Aunt Ann’s kitchen. It speaks for itself, darling! (And she is not sharing her recipe.)

Now you know I’m not going to leave you recipe-less. Of course, Pinterest is the go-to for many of these tasty delights. The fried chicken, however, can be purchased from a Publix or Shark’s Chicken and Seafood near you. The shrimp is a Publix feature too. Enjoy your fall and all the wonderful food it brings along with it!


Doubly Delicious Chocolate Chip Cookies

Happy National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day, my friends! Enjoy this tasty treat and please don’t tell my sister I’m sharing our secret recipe:) #CookieGirl


Let me let you in on a little secret. I’m a cookie girl! I *heart* cookies!!!! In honor of National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day I present to you a simple recipe which has made this cookie girl oh, so happy. There’s a hotel chain known for free sweet treats given to its guests. This recipe is as close to that cookie as my sister and I could find. It’s so good. It’s so, so good! It’s so good, in fact, that we would bake up batches (like dozens at a time) and give them away in plastic bags to begging friends and family.

I hope you enjoy this as much as we did!


Doubly Delicious Chocolate Chip Cookies

1/2 Cup rolled oats
2-1/4 Cups all-purpose flour
1-1/2 Teaspoon baking soda
1 Teaspoon salt
1/4 Teaspoon. cinnamon
1 Cup butter, softened
3/4 Cup brown sugar, packed
3/4 Cup granulated sugar
1-1/2 Teaspoon. vanilla

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