I’d Like to Thank Nick Saban and My Bama Boys

I woke up this morning with just three and a half hours of sleep under my belt, a sore throat, squinting eyes gazing social media and a smile on my face. I felt like I was preparing to stand at the stage of some big acceptance speech as I proudly picked out my houndstooth shirt, red big pearls and leggings for work pondering back and forward between the silver zipper leggings or the front-panel pleather ones. So if I were giving my victory speech here’s what I’d say.

I’d like to thank Nick Saban and the Bama boys for their sacrifice of sleep and social lives normal to most college students (especially if you were on the five-year UA plan like I was). I’d like to thank Nick Saban and the Bama boys for never giving up, even when I almost did around 10pm when I thought it would be better just to go to bed and wake up to whatever outcome and trash talking we were dealt after having been down for a while in the game. I’d like to thank Nick Saban and the Bama boys for displaying such discipline, heart, stellar sportsmanship and ferociousness all in one. I’d like to thank Nick Saban and the Bama boys for giving our school, our state and people from all walks of life a reason to come together each season with a commonality uncommon to most. Lastly, I’d like to thank Nick Saban and my Bama boys for being an undeniable part of my life granting such great memories and so much joy each August through January… never disappointing me regardless of the outcome.

Happy Sweet 16 team! Roll Tide Roll! #youdidthat


Roll Tide, People!

Today’s #bloglikecrazy post should be about pies, but it’s not. Today is a National Holiday in Alabama, and technically I’m taking the (blogging) day off. It’s the Iron Bowl, people, so today is all about the University of Alabama Crimson Tide. Enjoy!





Be Encouraged

For the month of November I’ve embarked on a #bloglikecrazy quest with other women bloggers through See Jane Write vowing to make a blog post daily. To make my November even more intentional I mapped out my daily focus based on my two sites Angela Eats the Ham and Life Gets Better, as I tend to be willy-nilly in my thoughts and posts from time-to-time and am working more on focus.

Well, wouldn’t you know it today is supposed to be about Encouragement. This, in light of the tragedy in Paris, social unrest here in America and things in my own life which I really, really, really am ready to get right so I can graduate from this “extended education” life class I’ve been in for a while and move on to what’s next.

Anywho, I’ll just be honest and say I didn’t want to post about Encouragement. I would rather post about a Patti Labelle Pie or Roll Tide football or leggings or something much more trivial to help take my focus off of the world. But isn’t that what encouragement does? It’s sole purpose is to take our focus off of the world, and from my Christian belief, redirect said focus straight up to God. So with few words of my own to offer today I’ll drop this little nuggets off for your perusal. Be encouraged.

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Wanna See Something New? Say Something Old.

Both of my schools are in the news for two different reasons. It’s certainly bittersweet and a contradiction of the two roads of life.

The University of Alabama has embarked on a great, historical landmark with the election of the first African-American Student Government Association President in 40 years. Way to go Elliot Spillers! I know Elliot personally and admire him for so many reasons. One of which is the fact that he is vested in the undeniable process of investing in the lives of others AND purposely surrounding himself with people who can help shape, mold, groom and grow him to the greatness that obviously is within. He gets it because he allows others to give it so he can give it.

On the other side of that proverbial coin, Birmingham’s Ramsay High School made unfortunate headlines after four students were arrested for a mid-day house break-in. For decades, Ramsay has been the pinnacle of academia in the Birmingham area. Known for bringing the best and brightest from neighborhoods far and near to the beautiful campus nestled near Red Mountain, like many Birmingham City Schools, the school I love and hold dear to this day has been a great launching pad for thousands of students and me.


The initial outcry after the arrests mostly heard from the Ramsay graduates and supporters I follow was that of shock, anger, embarrassment and disbelief that our legacy could be threatened by the careless actions of some who do not understand the nature of who we have long-sense prided ourselves on being. The comments from some of the people who have time to spew racism, ignorance and hate on posts like al.com are nothing short of venom-come-to-life. I digress…Whether the actions of those four students who had bright futures ahead is what is expected of Ramsay (or any school’s) students or not, clearly something socially and morally is missing that these and many children need.


In the midst of prepping for my Wednesday night Empire ritual I started thinking. I started reflecting back on my high school and college days and some of the tomfoolery my friends and I found ourselves in. I made a mistake or two or ten in high school and college that I’m not proud of, but thankfully lived through, with no other purpose than to make sure someone else doesn’t do the same. None of my friends or people I thought were friends broke into a home to my knowledge, but to be completely honest and transparent, many of us (yes, I said us as I am certainly included) did things that could have made the top of the headlines or blown up social media had it existed way back then. Gasp! I prefer sipping tea over spilling it, so I won’t tell the bees-wax of anyone other than me, but I wonder what tragic, unfortunate, “wrong place at the wrong time” things could have happened to me when my friends and I skipped school, or went to a neighborhood with purple and gold donning, high school fraternity boys we had no business knowing then a mini-tornado broke out. I wonder what would have happened that time we piled into a Ford Escort with the friend of our friend named Duchess and drove all the way to Tuskegee in the middle of the week to go to a party where the floor literally fell in and the driver fell asleep en route back to Tuscaloosa. I wonder. I wonder. I wonder. While I thankfully will never know what bad could have been back then, I do know what to do now. I believe we all have a little bit of what the youth of today need. It’s up to us to pull from our bag of testimonies (even those humbling ones), know what we have to offer, be bold enough to share it, share it (whether we feel it’s effective now or not) and not stop if we really care about those who need us to care about them.


The moral of this story: I’m proud of Elliot Spillers and hope that many more stories of this kind become the norm rather than exception. I believe it will. And yes, I’m disappointed by the Ramsay students not knowing or caring to accept the reality of the consequences of their poor actions and accept personal accountability. But let’s be real, people. We’ve all done things without entertaining the aftermath. Now is a GOOD time to get up off of those life’s lessons, mentor these students, hang out with them, hear their points of view so we can know what to do and spill our beans so we can save some lives. No longer is our real, true story good enough to sit on the shelf like a dusty book no one wants to read. It’s time to pull it down, brush it off, open up those tattered pages, unfold those stories from the beginning to that messy middle and the “thank God I made it” end and be real enough to help someone avoid the paths we overcame only by the grace of God. Our impact can mean the difference in the headlines and their lives. #RollTide #IBleedBlue



Tupac said, “Keep Yo Head Up”

I woke up this Sunday morning excited about the day and relishing in the past night. While attending the Stardome Comedy Club’s hilarious show featuring comedian Gary Owen with my sister and college roommate I had the opportunity to snap a photo with the University of Alabama’s Quarterback Blake Sims. It was his birthday. He must have been out celebrating. The picture is PERFECT. That’s the best word I can use to describe it. Don’t believe me? Just look.


For those of you in another country or like I used to be, unfamiliar with football, Blake had just come off of a crushing defeat in the College Playoff’s Sugar Bowl on January 1, 2015. Prior to (and yes, still following) that he was a leader on the field, heralded for his ability to endure under pressure, rise against the odds, lead his team humbly and with much respect from other players and win games which were the topic of many a break room or water cooler conversation the next day. Then January 1, 2015 happened. On top of that defeat on the field was the social media tomfoolery (also known as plain ol’ ignorance) of some fair-weather fans and haters, as we say in America, some of which have probably never stepped foot at the Capstone, (and many of whom likely don’t even know what Capstone is). Anywho, there have been all sorts of sad commentaries about his performance in that game, threats, and other ill-mannered expressions which have seemed to plague our society now more than ever. And still, this young man/student/father/athlete/inspiration/leader braved the crowd of comedy show goers to celebrate his life, pose for pictures, smile with that adorably perfect, and evenly balanced grin, and show the character of a true leader who knows how to do as Pac says, “keep yo head up”.

I woke this morning even more proud of Blake Sims than I was when I first saw him at A-Day in April of 2014 and wasn’t quite sure he was going to fit the bill then watched him blossom. I was certainly even more proud at the end of our last game and great season of transition and perseverance, despite of our season-ending loss. I felt like his life on the field represented the life of so many I know and me. To sum it up. “Stuff” happens. So what are you/we going to do when it does? Seeing him last night reminded me that it’s not about what happens. It’s how you respond to what happens that matters. I woke wondering how I would be if I were in that spotlight and had to live through the jovial celebrations in times of victory and the mean, mean jeers in times of defeat. I wondered if I would have been at home in bed sulking because of a loss, and worrying about what people would say when they saw me, or would I do what he did, which was come out looking fresh to death (Google it, Homie…LOL!) in my lumberjack attire, eat some wings, drink something refreshing, share laughs with my friends, and keep my head up.

Having been up, and down more times than I care to recall in life, albeit, nowhere near the status of Blake Sims, I am inspired today to take a note from Tupac’s songbook and Blake Sims’ playbook and keep my head up. #headsup


We Made It

Wow! 2014 was an amazing year, about as joyous as a toddler on Christmas morning, and about as choked full of stomach turning ups and downs as a that granted by a ginormous roller coaster at Six Flags. Through all that happened to those I know and me, and all I heard of happening around the world, if you’re reading this post that means We Made It!
Forced career transitions (known as loss of jobs), emotional, mental, spiritual and health challenges (known as real-live miracles in the making), fiscal development mechanisms (known as money woes), and strengthening of social strategies (known as human being issues) may have accompanied 2014, and some may have snuck into 2015, but we still made it and that, my loves, is worth celebrating all year.

December 31, 2014, on the last day of the year I took my first vacation of the year with friends to New Orleans, Louisiana. Day one was fabulous! Day two did not disappoint (except for my team losing). I am SO grateful for God honoring my heart’s desire to simply refresh and have a bit (actually more than a bit) of joy and laughter more than 200 miles from home. I’d lamented all year about wanting, no, needing a vacation. And I got one. Not only did I get one but it was on a budget, part of a gift, with amazing friends, full of good food, with a refund from the hotel and to celebrate my team (Roll Tide Roll!!!! We’re still THAT team!) While my humble vacation may not seem much to many, to me it’s a sign that the Lord is right on time. I’d petitioned God so many times in 2014 for a vacation because I knew I needed it for the road ahead and to be rested for the rewards on the way. He heard and answered.
As we start 2015 with a bang let us all always know that God’s love, joy, peace and promises never, ever fail….even if they come at what seems to be the last minute (the last day of the year) then simultaneously starts the year off right spilling over into a new era (the first day of the year).
See a sneak peek of pictures from my promise fulfilled😄 And the best for me…and for you is yet to come!!! Happy New Year to each of you.