I’d Like to Thank Nick Saban and My Bama Boys

I woke up this morning with just three and a half hours of sleep under my belt, a sore throat, squinting eyes gazing social media and a smile on my face. I felt like I was preparing to stand at the stage of some big acceptance speech as I proudly picked out my houndstooth shirt, red big pearls and leggings for work pondering back and forward between the silver zipper leggings or the front-panel pleather ones. So if I were giving my victory speech here’s what I’d say.

I’d like to thank Nick Saban and the Bama boys for their sacrifice of sleep and social lives normal to most college students (especially if you were on the five-year UA plan like I was). I’d like to thank Nick Saban and the Bama boys for never giving up, even when I almost did around 10pm when I thought it would be better just to go to bed and wake up to whatever outcome and trash talking we were dealt after having been down for a while in the game. I’d like to thank Nick Saban and the Bama boys for displaying such discipline, heart, stellar sportsmanship and ferociousness all in one. I’d like to thank Nick Saban and the Bama boys for giving our school, our state and people from all walks of life a reason to come together each season with a commonality uncommon to most. Lastly, I’d like to thank Nick Saban and my Bama boys for being an undeniable part of my life granting such great memories and so much joy each August through January… never disappointing me regardless of the outcome.

Happy Sweet 16 team! Roll Tide Roll! #youdidthat


It’s a Most Wonderful Time of the Year

With just six short minutes before the opening shot of the first broadcast of ESPN’s College Game Day I’m up like a child anticipating the first day of school to show off her new pair of Duck Heads, Sebago’s, Neon Bracelets and Member’s Only jacket. I’m up, having already prepped my Rotel dip. I’m up, having already planned my grocery list. I’m up because I’m excited about the return of college football, especially the world-renown University of Alabama Crimson Tide. #RollTide


Hold up, wait a minute. The show’s about to come on. I’m starting to feel all giggly on the outside and tingly on the inside. Yay! They just showed the Crimson Tide! Oh, look, there’s Desmond Howard. He looks so cute in blue! Welcome to the team Rece Davis. People, please bear with me for a moment of silence in honor of the start of 14 weeks of Saturdays in the south, and beyond…


Whew! I’m back. Okay. Today is such a special day. For me it marks the return of fall and all the festive-ness it has to offer. It marks the return of waving and winking to virtual strangers in the grocery store, while pumping gas, or while walking to your car from church. It marks a time when men and women, boys and girls, red, yellow, black, brown, white and all the beautiful colors of the human rainbow find commonality in a time when commonality is certainly needed. It marks a time of firing up a grill or rolling out a cooler on the Quad, and reminiscing with old friends about college days, and the mayhem that ensued. It marks a time for me of Thursdays and Fridays turning into menu and wardrobe planning in my mind and Mondays into healthy trash talking from whomever lost to whomever won. It marks a time where, fall shows us the beauty of change and harvest, and winter shows us the beauty of letting dying things go so we can be ushered into the season of rebirth and abundance. Today marks the advent of the return of college football (and all that comes along with it) and for so many and me that’s a most wonderful time of the year.


Let’s the games begin! #RollTideRoll



I Miss My Saturdays!

We’re just weeks out of the last regular season college football game and already I’m having major withdrawal. I miss my Saturdays!


A recent convert to the world of college gridiron goodness, all of my life, I’ve been a “girlie-girl” with no real desire or feigned interest in sports. A graduate of The (15, soon to be 16-time National Champions) University of Alabama, I attended only a few games in college, mostly the year I dated a player (thanks especially “Mr. Gentleman who shall not be named in this post” for those Iron Bowl tickets for my Daddy and me in 1991 or 1992). I sold most of my $4 student tickets each year for upwards of $400 each. I wasn’t a big jean wearer so wearing Bama T-shirts and sweatshirts was out of the question. As an alum, I’ve been to a couple of games and a handful of fun tailgating experiences, but until the last few of years Saturdays for me meant more about shopping and food than football. Boy, has that changed!


 As the full season wraps in less than one month I’m not above cheering for the other big homestate team as they play here in Birmingham, and I definitely can’t wait to cheer for my Tide two more times as they trek the road closer to Sweet 16. I just want to yell, swing my hair, eat good food, yell at the commentators and taste sweet victory. Boy, have I changed!

Still, I’m left with this nagging thought. I miss my Saturdays! What am I supposed to do on Monday mornings as I usually chit-chat with co-workers about the awesome feats on the field the weekend before? What would happen to my Tuesday or Wednesday ritual of searching the world wide web for cute or funny pictures or quotes about my favorite school (Roll Tide) and our victim for the week? What am I supposed to do on Thursday nights as I had grown accustomed to picking out my favorite blingy Bama T-shirt or houndstooth dress for “Casual Fridays” at work? What was I supposed to talk about on Fridays in the hallway, restrooms or breakrooms as I’d usually shared my unbelievably keen insight on all-things football, talking intelligent, pigskin trash with the best of them?  What was I to do on Saturdays as I normally coordinated my picture perfect game day garb, planned a menu or plotted a place to kick back, scream and do my victory “tootsie roll”?


I miss my Saturdays…and I want them back in eight months and counting:)