Be Encouraged

For the month of November I’ve embarked on a #bloglikecrazy quest with other women bloggers through See Jane Write vowing to make a blog post daily. To make my November even more intentional I mapped out my daily focus based on my two sites Angela Eats the Ham and Life Gets Better, as I tend to be willy-nilly in my thoughts and posts from time-to-time and am working more on focus.

Well, wouldn’t you know it today is supposed to be about Encouragement. This, in light of the tragedy in Paris, social unrest here in America and things in my own life which I really, really, really am ready to get right so I can graduate from this “extended education” life class I’ve been in for a while and move on to what’s next.

Anywho, I’ll just be honest and say I didn’t want to post about Encouragement. I would rather post about a Patti Labelle Pie or Roll Tide football or leggings or something much more trivial to help take my focus off of the world. But isn’t that what encouragement does? It’s sole purpose is to take our focus off of the world, and from my Christian belief, redirect said focus straight up to God. So with few words of my own to offer today I’ll drop this little nuggets off for your perusal. Be encouraged.

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Divorce 101: Get the Last Laugh


Divorce is no laughing matter. Ask me how I know. But, what is funny are the little humorous nuggets which often come out of nowhere as one tends to deal with divorce, which often comes out of nowhere. I was talking to an old acquaintance recently about a rumor which must have been spread about my ex and me that I had no idea was floating around the mean streets of Birmingham. After all this time, I had no idea this was even one of the many things on the gossip radar. At first I was as hot as an outdoor fish fry in Arizona. After talking to some others about the “made up matter” I began to reflect on some of the hilarity which has ensued as a result of the repeal of an “I do”.  I even chuckled about the rumor and the absurdity of it all.

I remember a dear friend experienced her divorce a few years before mine. She was at her breaking point with the unwanted separation and actions of her ex and was about to go “Lifetime Made-for-TV-Movie” in a very public place. The repercussions would have been TMZ worthy I’m sure, but she was fed up and you know what R. Kelly said about a fed up woman. (There ain’t nothing you can do about it.) Thankfully, she called me on the phone as she was literally about to go all in. I did my best to talk her out of it.  Actually, I begged through her screams and tears, assuring her that one day she would look back at that day and laugh. She did. She eventually laughed hard, really hard. This was especially so when she sashayed all the way down the aisle with a great, new man a few years later.


I shan’t go into the juicy deets, especially about the time a loved one had to be dragged out of the double doors of Best Buy when he/she saw my ex for the first time after he left or the time I drafted a five page letter to “tell on him” to the masses, (bless my heart). But let’s just say, there have been avoided incidents, initial reactions, and reconsidered actions, which are absolutely natural, but thank God, through his supernatural intervention were not to be so. Thank God. While, at the time of the pain they might not have seemed funny at all, they proved to become some of the most gut-wrenching, tear-jerking, snort-inducing, head-bobbing laughs of all. That’s the beauty of life. There are little gifts of unexpected goodness sprinkled in even the most difficult of packages if we only heal enough to make it through the process.


So hang in there wherever you are. You will get the last laugh, even if it’s laughing at yourself.