Starting Over



Starting over can be a lot of things…scary, embarrassing, costly, expensive, hard, time-consuming, tiring, discouraging, upsetting, redundant, a juggling act, foreign to you, challenging, anger-filled, isolating, inconsistent, a mental war, draining, physically overwhelming, a social nightmare, a tough pill to swallow, faith-testing,  peaceless, joy-removing, publicly humiliating, delayed, depleting, spiritually demanding, a failure the first, second or tenth time, mind-boggling, and gut-wrenchingly painful.

However, regardless of how you see it, how you say it, how it feels or what it takes, the courage to start over is always indisputably the best option, unequivocally necessary and absolutely rewarding.

The End.

(or actually…The Beginning.)



You Have Permission to Begin Again

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Shhhhh….can you hear that? It’s your mind playing tricks on you and if you’re not careful those tricks can trap you. I’ve heard the whispers just like you. I’m not talking about the whispers of the masses. I’m talking about the whispers of the mind. I’m talking about those subtle words that tap dance through your brain leaving the filthy residue of thoughts like “you’ll never make it”, “things will never get better”,  or “your best days are behind”. Well, I’m here to remind your mind that no matter what, you have permission to begin again.


The key to beginning again is beginning again. Really, it’s that simple! No matter where you are, no matter what you’ve done, no matter what you’ve left and no matter who you’ve lost beginning again is your best plan.

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So how do you begin again? I’m glad you asked.

B-Be honest with yourself as to where and why you need to begin again.

E-Embrace the new beginning whether you want to or not.

G-Give it all over to God.

I-Ignore doubt, pride and ego.

N-Nurture your places of brokenness.


A-Ask for help.

G-Go back home, back to work, or back to school if you have to.

A-Associate with people of greatness and people greater than you.

I- Ignore doubt, pride and ego. (That one needed repeating!)

N-Never give up.

For some, beginning again may not be a one time action. Like your favorite song by your favorite artist you might have to keep it on “repeat”.  But that’s okay. Do what you have to do to be who you’re supposed to be.

Making the choice to go a new path is the best way to get to where you need to go when you’ve ended up where you didn’t want to be. You have permission to begin again!!!!