A Family That Plays Together


An old adage says a family that prays together stays together. That’s true. I believe also that a family that plays together stays together and a family that survives together thrives together. As we go about our daily lives, one thing we have to make sure of is that we don’t stray from the things that brought us, and are used to keep us together. We must make and maintain those simple traditions and routines that make us unique, like family functions at grandma‘s house, game night, summer vacations, talks around the dinner table, holiday gatherings and more.

Below are a few quick, easy and inexpensive ways to keep the fun in your family forever. And if your family is anything like mine you need all the fun you can contain to help you maintain through sickness, drama, new babies, new spouses, exiting spouses, death, job loss, life changes and everything in between. 


  • Mini-vacation – Be specifically spontaneous. Save up and plan early to book an overnight room at a hotel or bed and breakfast, or a quick road trip. Turn off all cell phones, video games, radios and TV and enjoy your family. Play board games, tell funny stories, take pictures, jump up and down on the bed or enjoy a meal out of the town.
  • Scavenger Hunt – Plan a scavenger hunt for your family with clues relating to your lives together. Once the hunt is done, reflect on the meaning of the different points along the way. And eat some food as you reflect!
  • Potluck Dinner – Food is the perfect way to bring your family together. Offer to host a small party, agreeing to make the main entrée. Let others choose from menu items like side dishes, salads, breads or desserts. This is a great way to bring extended family together even if it’s not the holiday season.
  • Dinner On the Go – If you and your family live close together, then a “dinner on the go” can be lots of fun. Go from house to house for each phase of the dinner. Start with appetizers at one house. At another family home enjoy the salad. Eat the main course at another family member’s house, and so on.


  • Video party – Pick up a great movie and invite family over. Serve food and have fun.
  • Sports Celebration– Spend a night out supporting your local sports teams or host an in-home sports night watching your favorite teams.
  • Backyard Water Fun–Go old school. Grab a hose or sprinkler. Turn it on. Unleash the children in the family and letting the H20 – begin.
  • A Do Nothing Day– Take a day with your favorite peeps and do absolutely nothing but whatever makes you happy together.

Whatever you do, keep a focus on making sure family fun is a part of your legacy. You’ll be glad you did!


-Angela Moore

One thought on “A Family That Plays Together

  1. Reblogged this on Moderndaymomme and commented:
    Family Time! Another great “creating memories blog”! Listen Mommes, it is so very important to set aside that Family Time.. I am talking to you because most Mommes are a household’s Chief Operating Officer and can make this happen if we plan it. Build it into how you do life and your kids will have something to not only hold on to but continue on with their family. Weekly “Girl Time” with Nia, (my four year old), Orange Beach, Family Reunions, weekly Family Time outings are a few of our rituals. Funny, thinking back on when I was a little kid, I don’t remember a lot of toys but I can remember moments that we played together like my grandmother consistently taking us to Burger King or McDonalds to play on those playgrounds that they had just introduced into their business model. Ok enough of my soapbox about the importance of Family Time- what are some of your family rituals?

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