“My Image is Everything”


My fingers are on fire trying to get this post out. It may be a long one so buckle up:)

A lovely Sunday afternoon set on celebrating the upcoming nuptials of a close relative took an interesting turn when, at the restaurant we were hosting the event, two well-known reality stars took center stage. Outside of the initial shock of them even being present in Birmingham what ensued was even more shocking. I won’t name names, but will adjust them for your reading pleasure. Let’s just say that “Mother Cee” and “Faye, also known as Lucky” from a very popular reality show based out of Georgia were at a local seafood establishment. Uuuummmmm, how shall I say this? Their crew and the two “stars” (Mother Cee in particular), really acted unlady like on a Sunday afternoon in broad open daylight for dozens and dozens to see or hear about!

There was shouting. There was a drink thrown. There was a bottle thrown across the street into ongoing traffic. There were very loud accusations of drug use. There was head-banging on the steering wheel. There was more shouting. There were words used that would make a sailor blush. There was madness that lingered for about 40 minutes. But there was a comment by Mother Cee that really sent a strong message. After all of the above displays she uttered these words, “My image is everything.” Say what now?!?!?

Yowza!!!! After all we witness on a weekly basis on the television and after what I saw first hand, that comment tickled me and struck me as very, very odd. I’m not going to go much more into that. I’ll let you draw your conclusions on your own. What I will say is image is important, and it can be everything when our actions are called into question or when our image leaves a negative lasting impression.

To my knowledge, I don’t know any people who engage in Sunday shouting matches like the one I witnessed, but we all possibly do things or say things that we shouldn’t without knowing who’s watching. It’s important to protect our image and project the good we desire people to see.

We have to watch our attitude. We don’t want to be known as the mean person, bad attitude person, negative person, unforgiving person or emotionally unstable person.

We have to watch our actions.  We have to have enough God-given control to be able to hold ourselves accountable for not committing acts that will have negative effects that last longer than the actual action. It’s not worth it, and unfortunately reputations aren’t always as forgiving as we need them to be.

We have to watch our associations. Who we hang with can help us or hurt us, even through their actions. We have to watch who’s in our circle and know who they are AND how they are even when they aren’t around us. Sadly, guilt by association isn’t just a term.

And for the record, no I did not take pictures or record the melee. Why? Because I was SCARED! Let me tell you. TV does not clearly demonstrate the madness that is “Mother Cee” when she is mad and anybody with half an ounce of common sense knows to do what we did, whisper a prayer and stay out of her wrath and her way.


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