To All the Men I’ve Loved Before

Hot off the press (REMIXED) and made better…

Life Gets Better

A friend, who happens to be an “ex” from many moons ago and I were talking in depth about an ex-wife spilling the less-than-beautiful beans about her husband on Youtube. My thought is this: Speaking negatively & publicly about an ex-mate really speaks negatively about you. Not that what happened didn’t hurt. I can attest that it does! But how you handle what happens helps others and you heal. When you take to the World Wide Web or other mediums to air your dirty laundry no one comes out of the wash clean…not you, your ex, your children, your family members or anyone connected to the situation. It just becomes a big, old wet mess!


When you talk badly about your exes it can say one or a few things:

  1. You haven’t healed enough to handle the issues maturely.
  2. You need a better spiritual and social support team to guide you on how to…

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