Please Ma’am/Sir, Don’t Cancel Your Own Order


Imagine being famished!!! Imagine walking into your favorite restaurant while famished and having the ability to order anything off of the menu that’s pleasing to your palate and fit for your consumption. Imagine all you have to do is be seated, place your order, wait on the food, eat and enjoy. Sounds good, huh? Well, imagine what the owner of the restaurant, who is offering up your all-you-can-eat, at no cost meal to you would think if, as soon as you ordered you cancelled the order, then ordered, then cancelled, then ordered, then cancelled again. Ummm, yep, I don’t think he’d be too happy with that and you’d still be starving.


That’s a lot like life. So many times we choose to cancel our own orders with our own words then we get mad or discouraged when what we wanted isn’t received.

  • We’ll ask God for a good mate then say, “All men are dogs” or “Women just want you for the money”. #cancelled
  • We’ll ask God for a good job then say, “I could never get a job like that because I don’t have experience or a degree”. #cancelled
  • We’ll ask God to change our lives then say, “Well, this is just who I am. I’ve been this way all my life.” #cancelled
  • We’ll ask God for friends then say, “I can’t trust ‘nobody’. I’ll just fly solo dolo.” (as the kiddos say) #cancelled
  • We’ll ask God to draw us closer to Him then say, “God knows my heart. I’m not going to church. Church people are messy and pastors are crooks.” #cancelled
  • We’ll ask God for healing then say, “I’m so sick. I guess I’ll be like this always. My mama was like this too so…” #cancelled
  • We’ll ask God to restore a relationship then say, “He/She won’t ever change.” #cancelled

Do you get my drift? We’ve all been through too much and God has been too good for Him to prepare the table, we get there, then decide, through the power of our own negative words, that we don’t want to be there. Please ma’am/sir, don’t cancel your own order.



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