The Quack Is (NOT) Officially Back…Yet

Life Gets Better

Somebody help me please. I’m quacking up over here. I’ve revised the post below two years prior with eager anticipation of doing the same this year once the ducks sent their yearly signal.

Today is April 14, 2014 and my friendly water fowl have STILL not yet serenaded me with my morning medley of quack-tastic tunes. Here’s the thing though. I see them on the lake. I’ve seen them crossing the street. I’ve seen them soaring through the air, but I haven’t heard a peep (or quack) out of them. I know they’re there, but I simply haven’t experienced them as I had before.

Even as I hold out hope for my symphony of duck sounds, this year, my ducks and duckettes are teaching me a tough, but valuable lesson I thought I’d already learned. Just because things aren’t the way they have been doesn’t mean they aren’t they way they should be…and that should be…

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