Get Yourself a Garbage Man

A funny conversation with a friend revealed a special truth. We all need a garbage man in our life. Now, I know I just wrote about Get Yourself a Cheerleader, and I consider this post somewhat of a follow-up to those words of wisdom I’m trying to live by more than ever before.

A garbage man, however is different from a cheerleader for obvious and not so obvious reasons. Let’s just be real. We all have issues, struggles and troubles in life which, well, how shall I say this? They STANK! (Note: I said stank, not stink.) It’s during those less than pleasant times we need someone skilled in ridding us of our trash.

Think about it. A garbage man is probably one of the most valuable parts of our community. They are good at what they do. They are consistent. They are confidential. They are necessary. They don’t complain as they go about cleaning up messes. (When was the last time you heard someone outside your door sulking it up about having to clean things up? Never? Me either.) Garbage men also usually work early or during times when others aren’t around to gawk and gander at ALL that garbage. Those are all qualities we need in friends. Imagine a good, good friend as a garbage man helping clear out the trash of life, the debris and the stench that comes with it.


  • Garbage men deal with what others can’t or won’t.
  • Garbage men are skilled at taking our stinky things exactly where they need to go, with no possibility of us running into it again.
  • Garbage men don’t mind being behind the scenes for the greater good.
  • Garbage men don’t comment on what’s in our trash can or the things causing things to stink.
  • Garbage men don’t carry the stink of others themselves (They are skilled at making sure they rid themselves of what they’ve helped others be rid of.)
  • Garbage men aren’t afraid to get down and dirty for the sake of the job at hand.
  • Garbage men handle their business no matter what’s going on in the environment, climate or culture around them.


I’d say a few more garbage men are in my future. What about you? Why don’t you go up to a friend or two and propose this pressing question…”Will you be my garbage man? Check YES, NO or MAYBE.” Lol! (I crack me up!)


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