The Deliciousness That is Dyron’s

Please follow my new blog site and enjoy this post about my wild and AMAZING night at Dyron’s Lowcountry in Birmingham, Alabama.


One Friday night in March I had the fortunate opportunity to share a meal with family and friends that elevated the expectation of my palate to an entirely differently level. I invited myself to a dinner previously planned by my cousin and sister. Dyron’s Lowcountry ( was the name of the restaurant of choice. My first question after barging in on their plans was what’s the attire. I’m a southern girl who’s as serious about her fashion etiquette as she is her football and her food. I didn’t care too much about being overdressed, but wanted to find out with certainty what kind of dining experience to expect so I’d not run the risk of ever being underdressed. Let’s just say I could have worn a formal gown, six inch heels, and a tiara and the food still would have stolen the show.

Hunni, when I tell you…

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