Speak Up, Girls

For my ladies and little ladies…
I’m humbled to have the opportunity to be able to serve as a mentor, especially to young girls and women. It saddens me when, after being asked a question or presented with a problem, their answer is “never mind”, or “It doesn’t matter”, “It’s okay” or “I don’t know” when clearly there is something burning, simmering or stewing inside waiting , deserving and needing to come out. It’s like at that moment, their minds, the media, something passed on or something looked over tells them their voice and views don’t matter.
Of late, with all going on in this country and some collective things a bit closer to home, I’ve been grappling with the when, where, how and how often to use my God-given voice, particularly about those things I know to be unfair, unhealthy, or plain ol’ wrong. The tango in my head between “should I speak up or should I stay silent” has happened one too many times, and to be honest, it shouldn’t have. I take full responsibility for that knowing that the answer is, yes, whether right away or in the appropriate time, I should speak up, speak out or speak on it…whatever the “it” may be in the way most productive to get my point across for the sake of the greater good. I can only imagine that if I have that challenge from time to time some of my younger or less mature sisters must entertain those silencing thoughts all the more.
Through the wonderful power of Pinterest I’m so grateful for this reminder, and the voice God has given. I truly am. What I realize now more than ever is that the ability of others to hear and understand my voice is not my concern. My charge is to use my voice to the best of my ability. My story counts. My views count. My perspective counts. My vantage point counts. My process counts and my opinions count, whether liked, approved, understood or not. Period.

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