Everyone Deserves Friends


A Friday night tearfest/cheerfest with a group of family and friends to see the “Best Man Holiday”, followed by an early Sunday morning at Church of the Highlands and an intimate brunch afterwards with some special ladies have caused me to realize even more how important friendships are.  Starting my weekend watching the tells of friendship unfold on a movie screen, embracing the ups, downs and eventual ups again of life as depicted by the characters stirred up something within me. Ending the weekend with ladies who sacrificed sleep, time away from family, funding to babysitters, adjusted work schedules, miles to come from out-of-town, and many other challenges just to carve out time to spend time with friends old and new in an effort to enjoy a little food, while giving and receiving a little encouragement stirred up something within me. I realize now, more than ever that everyone deserves friends.


The thought of human beings who exist on this earth without the true joy of a true friend saddens me. It really saddens me. Everyone deserves friends. Everyone deserves someone to celebrate with them when they’ve received a promotion, a new car, new job or new baby. Everyone deserves someone who will walk them through sickness, death or divorce. Everyone deserves someone who will support them through lost jobs, disappointments, heart breaks, financial challenges and the unexpectedness of life. Everyone deserves someone who will tell them (in love) that their hair is out of place, breath isn’t its freshest, pants are unzipped or food isn’t too tasty. Everyone deserves someone who will say with certainty (whether they believe it or not) that “everything will be alright”. Everyone deserves someone who will talk him/her out of a crazy comment, a crazy haircut, a crazy purchase or an even crazier relationship.


I’ve realized, as I’ve grown older that friendship is one of those things that reminds me of fashion. It’s often ever-changing and continually revolving.The progression of time, geographical locations, relationship status, pasts hurts, wacky schedules, discord and drama can be catalysts for those changes, but they should not stop our quest for true, meaningful, enriching, uplifting, trusting, funny, reflective, supportive and lasting friendship (even if it has to be resurrected from time-to-time). After all, everyone, and I mean everyone deserves friends.



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