Shoot the Photographer

I had an opportunity to fill in for someone taking photographs at a major event. It was fun, and a great way for me to further explore my passion for pictures. Not one to shy away from the camera myself, I noticed that during my time of taking as many as 160 usable shots only one person offered to shoot a picture of me. As someone who likes taking pictures I also like to be taken. Not being shot honestly didn’t fare too well and left me feeling “some type of way” as the urban teens of America say. Later that day while editing my pictures I realized how much I missed being able to see myself in the midst of the hundreds who had gathered to support the important cause that brought us all together.

That made me think. How often do we extend the luxury, care, concern or simple favor to those who often do it for us. Usually, by default, those who do, like to have the same done. You’ve heard of “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”? Well, yeah, that notion holds true for many who often pour out in an area they’d like to be poured in. I realize that I am guilty of possibly not paying attention to what others give and probably would like to receive in return.


  • So the next time someone encourages us we can’t forget that they probably would appreciate encouragement too.
  • Let’s be fast to text the one who usually sends the text message more often.
  • We have to remember to be generous to those who are generous to us.
  • We must be mindful to invite, plan, organize  and host even for the friend or family member who is usually the inviter, planner, organizer or host.
  • We should remember to call those we’re accustomed to receiving calls from first, especially if we’ve not heard from them like we used to or want to.
  • We should be the driver of those who usually chauffeur us.
  • Let’s grow to celebrate those who take the time to celebrate us
  • We should try cooking for those who cook for us.
  • Let’s go all out to shower and spoil those who shower and spoil us.
  • And whatever we do, let’s never forget to shoot the photographer.



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